Welcome to CIEDA

The council for inclusion, inclusive environments, design & accessibility


CIEDA is a global network of professionals who are keen to be part of a successful community where people can draw on collective knowledge and work towards common goals. Sharing ideas, case studies, methods, resources, research, talent and accelerating

CIEDA provides an agile and quality driven membership platform that helps our members to contribute to our aim for a global inclusive environment. CIEDA is about utilising technology, innovation and methodology to enhance our global understanding of inclusive environments.


The global battle against the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that an integrated and globalised economy became much less effective as individuals and governments started to look towards their own borders. It became increasingly clear that global organisations that were meant to be able to operate across the world in a crisis weren’t actually equipped for the task.

Many responses to Covid-19 were taking steps back in regards to inclusion, access and innovation. It is essential that we, the students, academics and professionals within the inclusion  design, architecture and technology spheres, maintain global solidarity, clear nodes of communication. This is achieved by creating a distinctive focus on science, academia, creative design, technology and engineering to help us get things done and re-design our future and shared identity.

The primary goal of CIEDA is to act the conduit. An organisation to help bind everything to do with inclusion, inclusive environments, design and accessibility by focusing on how technology and innovation can do much of the heavy lifting for us.

Inclusive design has already created so much of the technology and systems we use in our world today and for this to continue at the pace we need there is a requirement for a global network to act as an incubator and safe sandbox testing environment for new ideas and approaches.

CIEDA is setting out to create this global community of bright minds ready to plug into the neuro-diverse human supercomputer which can then be applied to solving problems.

CIEDA is about making change happen for everyone around the world. It’s not just about benefiting a single country, organisation, industry or individual but about what we can achieve together if we get agile, global community-focused and make the impact we all dream about and want to see but often struggle to know how to facilitate.

Welcome to CIEDA
Our World – Without Boundaries

What we Do 

CIEDA is member focused and member led. For Us by Us.  

It relies on us all sharing a similar ambition to help develop inclusion, inclusive environments, good design and accessibility globally through a shared interest in technology, innovation and good design. It is not an organisation that wants to get bogged down in administration and it isn’t a club. Think of it instead like an agile project team of likeminded individuals with shared goals and tons of goodwill for each other. The unity of our global membership and desire to help each other succeed is what counts. 

We currently have 6 core functions with more to be added as we grow as an organisation.


CIEDA has been created as a safe testing environment for discussion and to test theories before going out into the world. If a member needs help with a specific issue, project or task then other members can respond and help them with the testing.

Professional Development & Global Networking

Learning is essential to us all and CIEDA aims to provide a platform where our global community of members can share and learn about the latest ideas, tech, designs and innovations. It is also an opportunity to connect with other members, share job opportunities, work experience for students and academics as well as research projects.


CIEDA is an incubator for new innovation and technology. Got a great idea but you need to get the word out try your CIEDA colleagues first. Use CIEDA to get people together and then take the conversation offline in a safe space.


CIEDA is an advocate to help to make specifically designed technology and innovation universally accepted for the benefit of all users. To help that alone CIEDA helps members by highlighting learning, development and skills – like quality inclusive and sustainable supplier management. So that when the innovation is ready to launch it’s the best it can be.


CIEDA helps to fast track innovation and creates a safe space for members to bring new ideas and tech to the frontlines quicker. Members can help with problem solving, User Acceptance Testing or simply shed some light on next steps.

CIEDA Publishing

CIEDA Publishing aims to create a  platform for member’s innovation and ideas to reach a wider, global, audience.

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Human beings are great at learning and making changes but sometimes we all need that little bit of extra help to bring our ideas to fruition and that is where CIEDA comes in. We are a collective of globally minded students, industry professionals and academics who recognise that the individual can only get so far, naturally understand the importance of working towards common goals and who want be part of a global network of people looking to improve the World through good design, inclusive technology and innovation.