Become a member

CIEDA is not about making money or about hogging all the great ideas. Human beings are great at learning and making changes but sometimes we all need that little bit of extra help to bring our ideas to fruition and that is where CIEDA comes in.

CIEDA is here to be that glue, the bridge, the conduit. What ever you would like to call it, its clear that the faster we all get together and share our ideas  the faster we can make change happen, and CIEDA believes that the best way to make change happen is to get new ideas and technology into place as efficiently as possible.

As a CIEDA member you will ideally get out what you put in. There is so much information out there that seems to trickle by i.e. when someone forwards and email or reads something that interests them. Together we can incubate great ideas and accelerate their progress around the world. CIEDA is about working together in an agile way to make global change happen within our schools, education facilities and industries.

What you get as a member of CIEDA

Being a member of CIEDA is voluntary so it is essential that members want to be part of the CIEDA community and are able to participate and contribute in as many ways as possible

  • Membership of the organisation allows members to put the following post-nominal letters after their name.
  • MCIEDA is for Graduates, Professionals, Company Directors, specialists or those with significant experience in their field of expertise.
  • AssocCIEDA is for students, those in education and learning.
  • CPD & Shared Learning opportunities.
  • Members Only Forums.
  • Access to CIEDA Publishing and early bird deals on books published through CIEDA publishing.
  • Access to Members only content.
  • Opportunity to submit an entry for the ‘CIEDA Innovation Prize’ which is awarded to the best innovation from within the CIEDA community on an annual basis.
  • Regular newsletter.


Membership is open to anyone around the world.  You will be placed on a register of members.

how to join

If you would like to apply to join CIEDA then please email us and we will send you a short form which asks a few questions about:


  • Why you would like to join.
  • What you feel you can offer CIEDA.
  • What you feel CIEDA can offer you.
  • Confirmation of your industry and professional status.
  • Your understanding and agreement to embody the CIEDA Charter.

Members Charter

The Member’s Charter is a simple document which aims to map out the behaviours and culture that help create the CIEDA community.

  • CIEDA Members must be involved either in education, design or relevant professional roles.
  • CIEDA is about you rather than your organisation, university or company. This means CIEDA membership can travel with you which ever adventure you are on. 
  • CIEDA is an equitable organisation and members should be able to engage and participate within CIEDA in a diversity of ways.
  • CIEDA members agree with the Charter and carry that ethos into everything they do in their professional lives.
  • A CIEDA member is open-minded, constructive, respectful, and non-aligned when working with other members or engaged on a project, testing or other related work that originated through other CIEDA members.
  • A CIEDA member is non-partisan when working with other members or engaged on a project, testing or other related work that originated through CIEDA membership.
  • A CIEDA Member promotes global solidarity in regard to inclusion, inclusive environments, good design and accessibility. 
  • A CIEDA Member is patient, polite and contributes to other members and should expect beneficial support for their own work and ideas in return.
    • A CIEDA member recognises and respects the work of others and supports other member’s intellectual property, trademarks and copyright and right to their own work and ideas.
      • English is the language of the organisation. All forums and communications from CIEDA will be in English.
        • Failure to adhere to the Charter or the spirit of the organisation means you cannot be a member of CIEDA and CIEDA Management Team decisions are final.